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Exeter Sporting Goods Ltd
100 Mile House - British Columbia
Exeter Sporting Goods - 100 Mile House, B.C.
Jude Dion

Email: exeter100@shaw.ca
320 Birch Ave.
100 Mile House, B.C.
Ph: (250) 395-4626
Fax: (250) 395-4662
Toll Free: (888) 729-5507

Store Hours   •   Monday - Saturday   •   8:00 am to 5:30 pm


Exeter Sporting Goods - Firearms - 100 Mile House, B.C.


Browning, Weatherby, Winchester, CZ, Sako, Tikka, Savage, Mossberg, Glock, Smith & Wesson, Springfield, Bennelli, Baretta, Stoeger, IGA, Norinco, SKS, Colt, Uberti, Ruger, Riffles, Shotguns, Handguns, Over-Under, Side By Side, Tactical.


Bushnell, Tasco, Simmons, Leupold, Zeiss, Swarovski, Steiners, Burris, Binoculars, Sporting Scopes, Stands.

Exeter Sporting Goods - Scopes - 100 Mile House, B.C.

Exeter Sporting Goods - Hunting - 100 Mile House, B.C.


Clothing, Calls, Scents, Reloading, RCBS, Gortex, Gun Cases, Slings, Bi-Pods, Recoil Pads, Backpacks, Amno Boxes,Rope, Pulleys, Flashlights, Muck Boots, Gun Safes, Lansky, Decals, Compass, Brunton, Silva, Cleaning Kits, Solvent, Game Bags, Duffle Bags.


Federal, Remington, Hornady, RWS, Barnes, Winchester, Weatherby, Nosler, Lellier & Bellot, PMC.

Exeter Sporting Goods - Ammunition - 100 Mile House, B.C.

Exeter Sporting Goods - Archery - 100 Mile House, B.C.


PSE, Mathews, Mission, Barnett, Horton, Compound Bows, X-Bows, Recurves, Sights, Arrows Rests, Parts, Broad Heads, Grimm Reaper, Thinder Head, G5, Strings, Releases, Quivers, Carbon, Aluminium, Wood.


Buck, Cold Steel, CRKT, Columbia River, Gerber, Grohman, Kershaw, Leatherman, Old Hickory, Outdoor Edge, Schrade, Old Timer, Victorinox, Swiss Army, Sharpeners, Eze Lap, Diamond, Machetes, Axes.

Exeter Sporting Goods - Knifes - 100 Mile House, B.C.

Exeter Sporting Goods - Fishing - 100 Mile House, B.C.


Normark, Lhur Jensen, Kwick Fish, Rapala, Gibbs, Delta, Apex, Live Bait, Berkley, Power Bait, Gamakatzu, Fly Fishing, Daiwa, Zebco, Shimano, Hardy, Rods, Reels, Float Tubes, Pontoon Boats, Waders, Fins, Force Fins, Pro Tac.


Coghlans, Outbound, Coleman, Primus, Greenland, Chinook, Lodge, Cast Iron, Muskol, Dishes, Tents, Sleeping Bags, Pads, Foamies, Down, Thinsulate, Camp Cots, Coffee Pots, Smokers, Chips, Lil Chief, Dried Food, Gold Panning, Keene, Sluice Box.

Exeter Sporting Goods - Camping - 100 Mile House, B.C.

Exeter Sporting Goods - Hockey - 100 Mile House, B.C.


Bauer, CCM, ReeBok, Mission, Eagle, Vaughn, Sherwood, Easton, Shoulder Pads, Elbow Pads, Skates, Athletic Supports, Cups.

Pawn Shop

Jewellery, Watches, Gold, Diamonds, Guns, Shot Guns, Tools, Wrenches, DVD's, Games, PS3, PS2, X-Box 360, WII, Game Cube, Drills, Grinders, Table Saws, Cameras, Computers, Tablettes.

Exeter Sporting Goods - Pawn Shop - 100 Mile House, B.C.

Exeter Sporting Goods - Misc - 100 Mile House, B.C.


Baseball, Bats, Gloves, Soccer, Darts, Ping Pong, Pool Cues, Chalk, Tips, Tennis, Racket Ball, Volleyball, Lawn Games, Bike Helmets, Tires, Tubes, Paintball, Airsoft.

Sporting Goods

Your Most Diversified Sporting
Goods Store In The Cariboo.

Ice Fishing Report

Lakes: Fish: Lures:

Bob Lake Kokanee Gator Spoon, Striper Special, Maggots
    Ruby Eye Wiggler, Glo Hook, Meal Worms
  Rainbows FST, Glo Hook, Worms

Canim Lake Lake Trout Canoe Spoon, Worms
    Buzz Bomb, Meal Worms
  Burbot Canoe Spoon, Worms

Hathaway Lake Kokanee Ruby Set, Kokanee King, Maggots
    Ruby Set, Glo Hook, Maggots

Chimney Lake Kokanee Williams Wobbler, Striper Special, Maggots
    Rube Set, Glo Hook, Maggots

Edmonds Lake Rainbows Ruby Eye Wiggler, Glo Hook, Krill
    Ruby Eye Wiggler, Striper Special
    Meal Worms

Snag Lake Brook Trout Williams Wobbler, Glo Hooks, Meal Worms
    FST, Glo Hook, Krill

Good Black Ice Conditions
4" to Walk
8" to Snowmobile
18" to Drive a Vehicle

Visa, Mastercard and Interac (Debit) accepted.
Exeter Sporting Goods accepts Visa    Exeter Sporting Goods accepts Mastercard    Exeter Sporting Goods accepts Interac
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